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Kelle Persian Khamse

Kelle Persian Khamse

Kelle Persian khamse antique carpet from the early 1900’s and of the very finest quality you can get. Carpets of this quality are in limited supply, not least because of the time taken to produce them and the fact that less fine pieces are more commercially viable in the current marketplace. This carpet is a true work of art and only for those who appreciate and can enjoy the finer things in life.

100 % pure wool on wool, hand spun with natural dyes.

This carpet is in a perfect condition, stored professionally by carpet experts who’s knowledge and expertise has run through generations of the family.

The carpet has a silk-like feel as the wool is the first cut from the young lamb, therefore it is still very soft. It is then hand combed and hand spun. It takes around one year until the knotting process can begin as preparing the materials is a lengthy process.
It takes a further two years to finely view the carpet, with 12 people and at least 3 people in the backround helping.
Carpets of this size and age are usually made for special events and are commissioned by the Kings for palaces. With its fine knots, overall silkiness and patterns telling stories of more than a thousand years of history; this is not just a carpet, but a history of its region and people.

Size 7.25 mt by 4.00 mt
Price 25.000 GBP + KDV (VAT)

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