Dalyan Carpets




The tradition of making Turkish Hand Made Carpets started in Mongolia a 1000 years ago. The earlier generations of Turkish people were living in the area getting wool from the sheep they tended. Wild plants provided the dyes for colouring. The carpets are made with the technicque of double or single knots There are two main techniques to make the carpets and kilims and they are different


Kilims are flat woven and carpets have pile. Each of the patterns has a meaning and explains family and personal life styles to the viewer. They are also a great investments for the future as they do grow in value each year. There are no more people making the hand made carpets and kilims The older they get the more value they gain. For more information please contact using the details below


We can clean all hand made carpets from anywhere in the World
We can also restore any hand made carpet from around the World maintaining its own original pattern,colour and texture
We have staff and family members who are qualified in the profession
We have restored carpets for the V&A; Museum in London and for many collectors and dealers over the past 30 years
For more information please contact using the details below


We have exhibited carpets and kilims mainly in the U.K – not only in the Home Counties but also in other parts as far afield as Scotland.
We have had much success in these exhibitions as we had unique carpets and kilims.
We are planning more exhibitions in the near future